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KLM sees sponsoring as a way to build lasting relationships with local, national and international communicaties while expressing our social involvement.

Besides AirCares – with its focus on improvement of the living conditions of underprivileged children – KLM sponsors also projects which are related to: art & culture, environment and education. The focus differs per sponsor field. With art & culture KLM strives to cherise the Dutch art & culture. Projects related to education need to contribute to encouragement of (young) talent. With sponsoring environmental projects KLM wants to contribute to an ecological and economical healthy future.



Filling a sponsoring request

Applications for KLM sponsorship should meet the under mentioned criteria and be send in writing to:

  • sponsoring@klm.com or
  • KLM (AMS/DR), Sponsoring Department, P.O. Box 7700, 1117 ZL Schiphol Airport.



Sponsoring Criteria

KLM maintains a number of criteria with which to approve sponsoring:

  • KLM does not sponsor organizations or events associated in any way with alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.
  • KLM does not sponsor organizations that discriminate according to religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, or political beliefs.
  • KLM does not sponsor political organizations or events.
  • KLM does not sponsor organizations based on a specific religion or whose aim it is to promote a specific religion.
  • KLM does not sponsor any dangerous sports.
  • KLM does not sponsor individual students, students parties, or student travel.
  • KLM does not honor any requests allowing free transport of excess baggage.




KLM tries to answer all sponsoring requests, whether by mail or e-mail, within three weeks. Should KLM decide not to sponsor an organization or event, no more correspondence with KLM will be possible thereafter.
PLEASE NOTE: We advise that you send your request well in advance of your event or the start of your project - at least four weeks before.

Publication date : 21 January 2011