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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Europe’s fragmented airspace forces to emit more CO2 than necessary. The creation of a ‘Single European Sky’ (SES) will modernize and harmonize the European air traffic management system. Governing the SES by a single pan-European air traffic control authority would allow for the more efficient plotting of flight paths and could reduce emissions by as much as 10%.

Optimizing air space

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KLM is involved in two major programs: Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) to improve local handling at its hub Schiphol and Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research (SESAR).

KLM is involved in the Atlantic Initiative to Reduce Emissions (AIRE). The AIRE agreement between the European Commission and the FAA is a programme which aims to reduce CO2 emissions and accelerate the pace of change by taking advantage of air traffic management (ATM) best practices and capitalise on present aircraft technology. It enables the implementation of environmentally friendly procedures for all phases of flight. AIRE is an important part of the green component of the SESAR programme.


Optimizing flight procedures

Pilots systematically apply procedures to help them cut CO2 emissions, without compromising flight safety. In practice, these are based on ongoing research into flight level and optimum speeds, negotiating direct paths with air traffic control, the adoption of continuous descent approach (CDA) procedures, or taxiing with one engine switched off.