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Corporate Social Responsibility
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KLM is constantly working on innovative solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. Finding solutions is a collaborative effort.

Strategic innovation agenda

In 2007, KLM teamed up with the Delft University of Technology, Stork, Schiphol, the TNO research institute, and a number of airlines to draw up the Strategic Innovation Agenda for Civil Aviation(PDF, 2.4MB) (Dutch only). This agenda offers an answer as to how the airline industry can achieve qualitative growth while turning environmental impact around. One item on the agenda is a study that aims to reduce emissions by 10% per passenger-kilometer.


Knowledge and Innovation Agenda

In October 2009, the Dutch air transport sector presented its Knowledge and Innovation Agenda(PDF, 2.6MB) (KIA), outlining, among other things, key areas that the sector has targeted for substantial investment in the coming years. Innovation is one target area, as is further consolidation of cooperation with parties within and outside the sector, such as military aviation and the government.



While KLM recognizes the need to drive further efficiency gains through technological solutions and operational efficiencies, we also participate in numerous (international) alliances. KLM, as well as Air France is a member of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group (Safug). Read the pledge(PDF, 91KB) to advance the development, certification, and commercial use of lower carbon renewable fuels, derived from environmentally and socially sustainable sources.

Air France-KLM was also one of the founding members of the Aviation Global Deal (AGD) Group. Aviation emissions are not currently included in the Kyoto Protocol. With a post-Kyoto framework now under urgent discussion, the AGD Group was set up so that members of the international aviation industry can make a positive and useful contribution to discussions about how the sector can help reduce global emissions in line with international targets.