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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Worldwide, the airline industry is responsible for 2-3% of global man-made CO2 emissions. Together with Air France, KLM is convinced that air travel can be made more sustainable. KLM therefore takes a leading role in the industry, setting an example as the most sustainable airline. Wherever possible, we initiate, support and encourage collective endeavours.

Leader in sustainability

KLM is set to initiate a wide range of measures and innovations in the coming years, thus translating ambition into action. Key aspects of our campaign include an intensive fleet renewal program and modification of our existing fleet. This will ensure that we retain our status as “best in class” – as awarded by the Worldwide Fund for Nature in 2007 – and keeps us several steps ahead of the airline industry’s anticipated entry into the Emissions Trading System (ETS) in 2012.

KLM’s operations are already more sustainable than those of other airlines. KLM is “best in class” in terms of CO2 reduction, compared to other trendsetting airlines. KLM’s environmental management system is fully ISO 14001 certified. Even the way we have organized our passenger traffic – using a hub system(PDF, 148KB) – contributes to sustainable travel. Thanks to this system, which coordinates connecting flights with great efficiency and minimal transit times, we can transport more passengers using fewer flights.

Innovation and alliances

Technological innovations and (international) coopearation are crucial in reaching drastic CO2 reduction. Read more about innovation and alliances.