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Corporate Social Responsibility
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When it comes to corporate social responsibility, KLM is not alone in the world. We see this every day in association with multinationals for whom KLM is a preferred supplier. They too are setting higher in terms of CSR policy. This is a welcome development.

Business travelers set new standards

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Efficiency, reliability, and good service – traditionally, these are the most important reasons why corporations choose to do businesses with KLM. More and more often, however, they are adding a new criterion: corporate social responsibility. More than anyone else, multinationals are setting explicit demands in this regard. This begins with their “request for proposal” (RFP), in which they ask airlines to tender their services.

We offer companies a report of all their flights. It gives insight into flight behaviour and the corresponding CO2 emissions. Our CO2ZERO service is the easiest and least costly way to compensate, by investing in Gold Standard projects. The Gold Standard quality label guarantees the realisation of renewable energy projects which are truly sustainable.


Logical and relevant

KLM feels CSR policy is a logical and relevant criterion. We believe good business travel can go hand-in-hand with commitment to the world we live in. That is why we proudly clarify our position on issues such as environment (including climate management, noise, and waste), safety (maintenance, crisis management, and flight safety), health, social projects (education and worthy causes), and corporate governance (anti-corruption, human rights, and labor conditions).


Safety is our priority

We want to make air travel as easy and comfortable as possible. However, we are sometimes restricted by safety requirements. We always give safety the highest priority. But we also always strive to minimize inconvenience.