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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Regardless of whether they travel for business or pleasure, passengers expect KLM to do its utmost to make flying as sustainable as possible. We are happy to make this effort by way of both smaller gestures and larger programs. In short, we invest in more eco-friendly aircraft and we serve fair-trade coffee – to name just two examples.

Smart and sustainable improvements

Wherever possible we introduce new, smart innovations which both improve flight comfort, and make work more enjoyable, safer or more efficient, and which limit our impact on the environment. Many of our initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility are “invisible” to our customers, but not all. On board our aircraft passengers are able to see for themselves some of the measures we take:


Reducing weight to save fuel

Lichtgewicht kannen

Coffee and tea pots are made from a light-weight material. This has reduced weight by almost 250g per pot. The pots are also more user-friendly and safer. New light-weight fleece blankets in Economy Class bring passengers extra comfort and are 50g per blanket lighter. This may not seem much, but accumulated over all our flights it amounts to a massive weight saving. Each of the new trolley drawers is 200g lighter. The trolleys themselves also generate a considerable weight saving. The give-away headsets also contribute a saving of between 70g and 100g per flight, because fewer trolleys and containers are needed to store them.


Separating and reducing waste

Separating waste

The crew separate waste as much as possible on board: glass, tin cans, cardboard, and paper. These materials can be recycled. Glass is recycled into glass, and cans into cans. Old paper is used to make toilet paper, among other things. Raw materials are thus reused and less waste is produced. By improving systems behind the scenes we are better able to assess in advance what will be consumed on board. Consequently, less waste is generated. This not only reduces the impact on the environment, it also means a reduction in the unnecessary use of raw materials.


We fly more efficiently

Anyone who looks out the aircraft window will sometimes see winglets attached to the wingtips. This reduces CO2 emissions by about 3%. Read more on KLM’s initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions.


Sustainable food and drinks

KLM Inflight Services is taking the lead in sustainable catering.


Environmentally friendly packaging

Bio cups

We are increasingly using environmentally friendly packaging such as the sustainably-produced coffee and tea cups which are fully biodegradable, right down to the protective coating on the inside.