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Corporate Social Responsibility
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KLM is the industry leader in terms of sustainable catering, opting for eco-friendly foodstuffs wherever possible. We actively seek to use products that contribute to conservation and counteract climate change.

On board

The coffee KLM serves on board is produced in accordance with guidelines laid down by the Rainforest Alliance. Similarly, the tea we serve comes from plantations that work in a socially responsible manner. KLM also uses other sustainable foodstuffs such as organic eggs, bread and butter, Beter Leven (Better Life) cold cuts and veal, and organic wine. In addition, our inflight sales assortment includes Fair Trade chocolate.


Organic chicken and milk

When it comes to organic chicken and milk, sustainability primarily lies in the feed given to chickens and cows. This consists primarily of soybeans, which may or may not be genetically manipulated and cultivated in a sustainable manner. Soybeans that are not sustainably cultivated can result in extensive deforestation.


MSC-certified fish

MSC-certified fish

KLM is the only airline that regularly serves fish that has been caught in a sustainable manner, as certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). We critically assess the origin of the fish we serve on board. To do so, we use guidelines laid down by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the North Sea Foundation. It is easier to implement these criteria in the Netherlands, where KLM works with fixed suppliers and orders large quantities of fish. However, sustainable fish is also gaining preference at outstations. As a result, fewer tropical shrimp are being served, for example, because they are caught in an irresponsible manner that harms ecosystems. In March 2010, KLM Inflight Services won the prestigious Seafood Champion Award, which is annually presented to companies that make an exceptional contribution to sustainable fishing.