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Corporate Social Responsibility
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KLM wants to perform beyond compliance.

Reducing energy consumption

Our accord with the government to reduce energy consumption by 20% within ten years, underscores this ambition. This accord follows on from a previous agreement which saw KLM reducing energy consumption by more than 45% in 15 years.

Moreover, we use hydroelectric energy for our ground operations. With a volume of 100,000 Mwh, this curbs our CO2 emissions considerably. To monitor the efficacy of our environmental policy and to bring about improvements, we have a “plan-do-check-act” cycle. This ensures that all of our business activities – in the air and on the ground – are ISO 14001 certified.


Greener red diesel

Vehicles that do not drive on public roads, such as ramp vehicles, run on sulfur-free fuel, etc.


Soot filters on ground power units

We have fitted soot filters on all our ground power units – the diesel generators that provide electrical power to aircraft on the ground. These filters remove 95% of all soot emissions.


Driving on air

May 2009 saw the start of a pilot project at KLM Engineering & Maintenance in Schiphol-East, involving three vehicles that operate on compressed air and are able to carry persons and light cargo. These vehicles have zero emissions. The Airpods will be tested for usability, safety, occupational health, efficiency, reliability and maintenance. This pilot project will help to decide whether the Airpods will replace some of the division’s diesel-driven vehicles.


Public transport

Public transport

Our staff also contribute to improving the environment on the ground. A mobility survey revealed that 34.4% of KLM employees who live in the Schiphol area make use of public transport. That is well above the national average of 15%.

Cycling is not only healthy but also environmentally friendly. This is why KLM developed a special bike for its staff. It is meant for daily use. Staff can use it to commute to work, or use it to get from place to place around the KLM and Schiphol locations.