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Together with Air France Industries (AFI), KLM Engineering & Maintenance (E&M) is a global player in the maintenance, repair and overhaul market, with a workforce of 14,000 and a worldwide network. Apart from maintaining Air France and KLM’s fleets, AFI and E&M also provide MRO services for the aircraft, engines, and components of around 150 customers around the world. Regular audits ensure that E&M takes proper care of good working and environmental conditions.

Strict Environmental Policy

E&M has a longstanding commitment to environmental care, health, and safety, and continues to build on this tradition. This positive development is confirmed by recent environmental audits, accident and incident reports, and emission and consumption figures. E&M annually reports its performance in environmental care and health and safety policy. Wherever possible, E&M’s ISO 14001 environmental care system is further improved on the basis of report findings.

Here are a few examples of E&M’s dynamic policy on the environment and occupational health and safety:

Engine Waterwash

Water wash

The interior of aircraft engines is washed(PDF, 111KB) to ensure better performance and lower fuel consumption.

As a result, they emit less CO2 and pollutants.

In addition, the dirty water is filtered and reused, while special filters collect vapors emitted during washing.

Eco-friendly paint

E&M, has developed a new aircraft painting system. The application of thinner paint layers reduces the weight of the paint by a full 15%. Not only is the paint chromate-free; the aircraft can be degreased primarily using soap and water, thereby reducing the amount of harmful solvents.

Re-use of waste

Metal scrap

At E&M we try not only to produce less waste, but also separate and properly dispose of the waste produced.

Where possible we process waste for high-value reuse. For example, by reclaiming valuable metals from retired parts.

Our supplier General Electrics produces new engine parts and KLM earns money back.

Fuel Drainage Trucks

E&M’s special fuel drainage trucks remove any remaining fuel from wing tanks in a safer and more eco-friendly way. The vapors emitted during this process are pumped into the filter installation on the hangar roof.

Dust Removal


In collaboration with the Royal Netherlands Air Force and the TNO research institute, E&M has developed a vastly improved dust removal system for all sanding activities.

This system withdraws almost 100% of the dust at the source.



The Deco Team uses specially impregnated cloths to removes organic pollutants, such as oils and fats, from our aircraft.

These SATWIPES reduce the need for solvents by 50% compared to the old method, which involved a bucket, a cloth, and rapidly evaporating.

Safety Checklist Training

All E&M staff holding positions of leadership are required to complete a VCA VOL course to promote safe working methods. Staff on the work floor must take a basic VCA course via KLM’s e-learning program.