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Corporate Social Responsibility
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A key aspect of KLM's human resources policy is to identify differences. The idea is not so much to specify differences between employees, but to gain maximum benefit from them. KLM supports diversity in its workforce, for instance on ethnic background, gender, sexual preference, religion and age. As a conscientious employer, KLM believes it is only logical that its workforce should reflect surrounding society. With more than 70 nationalities and a 60:40 male-to-female ratio, we are well on our way to achieving this aim. But there is always room for improvement.


Staff diversity

Effective cooperation demands mutual respect.

Potential obstacles include discrimination, harassment, sexual intimidation, and aggression. By pursuing a strict policy, we make it clear that inappropriate behavior of this kind will not be tolerated.

We offer our employees access to a specialized counselor, who offers full support, and we also have a Complaints Procedure(PDF, 50KB) for those who encounter inappropriate behavior.


Equal opportunity

KLM pursues the principle of equal opportunity all staff and potential recruits. We encourage the appointment of women to executive posts and we are striving to take on more management trainees of non-Dutch cultural background. The creation of equal opportunities for people with physical disabilities is also embedded in our policy.


Broadening opportunities

We run various initiatives that provide extra help to those who need it most – to help them get started, to keep them going, and to stimulate personal development. This is exemplified by our job guarantee (within or outside KLM) to employees who become less than 35% medically unfit for work. Another example is our partnership with the literacy foundation Stichting Lezen & Schrijven, which offers courses to employees who have difficulty reading and writing.


A healthy working life

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As part of our effort to develop HR policy that takes into account the life phase of employees, KLM has teamed up with the TNO research institute to study physical exertion on the ramp and mental exertion at our Engineering & Maintenance division.

We hope to use the research results to keep KLM staff working longer and in better health.