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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Staff satisfaction is an ongoing point of attention. One reason for this is that, as an employer, we share responsiblity for the wellbeing of our staff. Also, satisfied staff are more dedicate and motivated to make that extra effort.


Bagage afhandeling

We regularly conduct surveys to monitor staff satisfaction and to identify possible problems swiftly, so that we can take appropriate action. And we monitor the experiences and perceptions of our staff even more closely when major change are underway. For instance, an external agency currently conducts twice a year studies to assess staff perception of our partnership with Air France. This Internal Perception Monitor not only polls employees who are closely involved in the partnership, but also those who are less directly involved.


External recognition

Our ability to achieve high levels of employee motivation has also been recognized by external groups. In 2009, a survey by Effectory/VKBanen ranked KLM as the second best employer in the Netherlands.


Popular employer

KLM has long enjoyed enormous popularity as an employer. In 2009, KLM ranked fifth in the Intermediair Ebbinge Image survey.