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Corporate Social Responsibility
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With about 30,000 employees in the Netherlands, KLM is one of the country’s largest corporate employers. Which is all the more reason to be a conscientious and considerate employer, taking into the collective interests of both employer and employee. Sustainable staff deployment and flexibility are key in this respect.

Staying healthy and motivated

Technical Training

KLM is committed to the sustainable development of its employees, so that they stay healthy and motivated. That is why all KLM staff are annually offered an opportunity to discuss their work and career with their managers. These reviews include question such as: “What do you need to keep working until your pension?” and “How is your personal development progressing?” This ensures that employees can steer and take responsibility for their own development.

Supporting sustainable development

KLM supports the personal development of its staff by offering schooling and training and by supporting career development. Our employment policy is designed to help staff achieve sustainability in personal development, and to ensure a healthy balance between their working and private lives.

Flexibility is key

Flexibility is very important in our sector. KLM therefore expects its staff to adopt a flexible attitude, enabling us to fairly distribute the workload during peak periods. Flexibility is also important in the long run – and that includes switching to new jobs from time to time.

KLM as an employer – facts and figures

Our Annual Review(PDF, 878KB) offers a variety of facts and figures about KLM as an employer.