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Corporate Social Responsibility
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It is generally acknowledged that it is important to strike a healthy balance between work and home life. KLM is therefore considerate of the personal needs of its staff outside working hours and encourages them to seek a good balance between the two. The healthy balance between work and home life is more intuitive than exact. KLM offers its staff various options to seek their own, personal balance.

Part-time work

Part-time work is a common phenomenon at KLM. With 37% of its employees working part-time, KLM is in fact one of the largest part-time employers in the Netherlands. This ensures that KLM staff can more easily combine their work with study or child care.


Flexible labor agreements

KLM’s collective labor agreements includes “a la carte” options, allowing KLM staff to swap specific labor conditions for others. Staff can also use these options to gain extra vacation hours.


Additional leave

Dutch labor law ensures that employees have access to various kinds of leave, including adoption leave, child-care leave, and calamity leave. Naturally, KLM supports these rights, as they contribute to a better balance between work and home life. Furthermore, KLM may request unpaid leave in consultation with their superior. They can also make unpaid leave more attractive by participating in special salary savings schemes that KLM has arranged for its employees.