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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Health and safety are a common concern for customers, staff, and for the company. KLM therefore constantly invests in upgrading safety and ensuring effective health policy.


Security scan Schiphol

Unfortunately, accidents can never be entirely ruled out. But we do everything we can to prevent them.

That is why safety procedures and processes are sacred at KLM. Safety awareness may never be allowed to flag. By way of intensive communication, we keep our staff on the lookout at all times.

KLM also invests a great deal in new technology and special tools to ensure a safer and healthier working environment for all KLM staff.


Healthy incentives

We also support sporting events such as the Dam-to-Dam Run, which yearly attracts no fewer than 1,000 participants from KLM. Staff also have many dozens of KLM sports clubs to choose from. Or they can work out at various fitness centers at special discount prices.


Exercise center

Cargo sport

Since March of 2007, KLM Cargo staff have been able to train at De Brug (The Bridge), an exercise center created through a KLM initiative.

Apart from standard sporting facilities, the center offers special assistance to staff with physical complaints.

De Brug has become a highly popular sporting venue among KLM staff.


Absenteeism policy

The key objective of KLM’s absenteeism policy is to reduce the number of absentees as well as the duration of absenteeism. Our policy also includes prevention of absenteeism and effective reintegration of staff. The latter is jointly provided by KLM’s occupational health & safety unit, KLM Employability Services, and a special department coordinating the redeployment of staff who are being reintegrated. The latter service is primarily used by cabin personnel, which includes pregnant women. They qualify for temporary redeployment, even though it has never been concluded that flying is harmful during pregnancy.


KLM Health Services

Staff faced with physical or mental problems find support at KLM Health Services, our occupational health & safety unit, where staff can also receive their annual flu shot. KLM Health Services also advises on preventative measures, literally ensuring that the company stays as healthy as possible. Our Travel Clinics, which specialize in personalized travel advice, are also part of KLM Health Services. This services is open to passengers and staff alike.


AIDS prevention

HIV workshop

We also run a special health project for our staff in Africa, where AIDS is major problem.

In 2005, KLM initiated its AIDS prevention project(PDF, 109KB) that informs staff about AIDS. Workshops are held to explain what AIDS is and how to prevent infection.

In 2007, the program was expanded to include the communities where our staff live.