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Weather in Cairo

Five-day forecast and general climate information

Weather today
Sunny 25°
  • Min temp14°C
Sunny 28°
  • 17°C
Sunny 29°
  • 18°C
Partly Cloudy 31°
  • 19°C
Partly Cloudy 33°
  • 21°C
Sunny 32°
  • 17°C

Climate information

Wonderfully dry all year round, the months between December and February are most comfortable, with warm days and chilly evenings that can reach as low as 6°C (43°F). Things hot up between May and September to 20°C-36°C (68°F-97°F), but thankfully it's never humid. Between June and August, wear a sunhat, stay in the shade and drink plenty of water. Make the most of warm evenings by the Nile.

Average Temperature in Cairo
Average Rainfall in Cairo
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