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Weather in Bahrain

Five-day forecast and general climate information

Weather today
Mostly Sunny 27°
  • Min temp17°C
Sunny 31°
  • 21°C
Mostly Cloudy 33°
  • 21°C
Sunny 31°
  • 21°C
Mostly Sunny 31°
  • 22°C
Cloudy 31°
  • 22°C

Climate information

It can be extremely hot and humid in Bahrain from June to September, with temperatures averaging 38ºC (100ºF) during the day. People tend to shop and socialise at night, when it's cooler, although hotels and upmarket restaurants are pretty much guaranteed to be air-conditioned (note that air conditioning can verge on freezing, so always have a jacket or wrap to hand). November to March tends to be much more pleasant, with warm days, cool nights and little rainfall, but when the wind blows, it can get fairly chilly, ruling out the beach. For those with sunbathing in mind, the best times to visit are October/November and April/May when the weather's warm but not too hot.

Average Temperature in Bahrain
Average Rainfall in Bahrain
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