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Transportation in Bahrain


There is a public bus service linking Manama and Muharraq island with other towns around the main island, but it isn't geared towards visitors and doesn't cover all bases so it's easier to explore Manama and beyond by taxi. Alternatively Sunshine Tours (+973 17744 755) offers half-day desert and city tours.


Walking is ideal for exploring the tiny corners and alleys of central Manama, especially around the souk. However, although it is safe to explore on foot, in the midday heat many opt for an air-conditioned taxi to travel long distances.


Taxis are cheap and easy to find, and visitors generally use them a lot. Most taxis do not operate with a meter so ask someone beforehand what the fare should be and always settle on an amount before getting into the taxi; if it seems too high, bargain down until you and the driver are both happy. Two reliable metered cab companies that you can pre-book by phone are Speedy Taxi (+973 1768 1999) and Bahrain Limo (+973 1726 6266). Addresses are vague, so you'll often need to refer to landmarks such as hotels and roundabouts to direct your driver.

Transportation tips

For navigation purposes, get to know the roundabouts, which are often identified by the sculptures in the middle. For instance, the fish market is near the Pearl Roundabout, although the latter is currently being redeveloped.

Bahrain Ministry of Transportation website

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