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Transportation in Quito


Resort to Quito's buses only if all else fails. They're less comfortable and more sporadic than the el trole and ecovía. Use the better red ejecutivo buses, and pay your fare at the door or get in and wait for the attendant to collect it.


Grab a taxi - the best way to travel in Quito for both business visitors and tourists. They're cheap, quick, plentiful, and you can practise your Spanish with the driver. Look out for yellow cabs with an official sticker on its door. Make sure the driver has the metre on when you start your journey or else negotiate your fare.


Quito is great for walking. Use your feet to take in the charms of the historic centre and the nightlife of La Mariscal. You may only need transport to get from one to the other, or to the more outlying Guápulo district and the Virgin of Quito on Panecillo hill.

Rent your car

Quito is a long, thin city with avenues stretching from north to south. Much of the city has a grid layout but the modern city in the north is easier to drive around than the congested roads of the historic centre. The modern city’s international hotels are the most secure parking option.

Transportation tips

Ensure you have small notes because taxi-drivers often 'happen' to be out of change. The minimum taxi fare is US$1. It is safer to use taxis at night rather than walk.

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