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Weather in Istanbul

Five-day forecast and general climate information

Weather today
Rain 13°
  • Min temp6°C
  • 6°C
Cloudy 12°
  • 9°C
Cloudy 17°
  • 12°C
Mostly Cloudy 18°
  • 13°C
Showers 17°
  • 11°C

Climate information

The warm, sunny days and cool evenings of spring (May and Jun) and autumn (Sep and Oct) are delightful times to visit (15-24°C / 59-75ºF). If you can stand the heat, come during hot and humid July and August (20-30°C / 68-86°F), when air-conditioned hotels rooms (or a large fan) are needed. Cold and wet December to February (5-11°C / 41-51F) can bring snow – find warmth in cosy teahouses, and restaurants where kebabs cook on hot coals.

Average Temperature in Istanbul
Average Rainfall in Istanbul
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