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Weather in Havana

Five-day forecast and general climate information

Weather today
Partly Cloudy 22°
  • Min temp13°C
Partly Cloudy 26°
  • 15°C
Partly Cloudy 27°
  • 16°C
Partly Cloudy 28°
  • 17°C
Partly Cloudy 29°
  • 18°C
Partly Cloudy 30°
  • 19°C

Climate information

Cuba is a country of two distinct seasons. Heavy rain and hurricanes are a risk during May to October's rainy season; in November to April's dry season, the rainfall is much lower and temperatures are cooler, so you may need a light jacket at night. Peak tourist season is from December to March, when temperatures average between 24 and 27˚C. During the rest of the year, it can get as hot as 35˚C. It is always humid, particularly from May to August, so air-conditioning is a necessity, not a luxury. The best thing is that the temperature of the sea is in the mid to high 20s all year round.

Average Temperature in Havana
Average Rainfall in Havana
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