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Weather in Chicago

Five-day forecast and general climate information

Weather today
Partly Cloudy
  • Min temp-2°C
Mostly Sunny
  • -1°C
Sunny 11°
  • 1°C
Mostly Cloudy 12°
  • 7°C
Mostly Cloudy 11°
  • 0°C
Partly Cloudy
  • -2°C

Climate information

The months between November and February are the snowiest, windiest and coldest. The average temperature is - 6ºC (21ºF), but it can often dip much lower. April is known for its showers, while the summer months – May to August – are often humid and warm, averaging 22.5ºC (72.5ºF). Summer weather can be stifling. But, generally, be prepared for anything; Chicago weather has been known to change suddenly.

Average Temperature in Chicago
Average Rainfall in Chicago
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