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Weather in Muscat

Five-day forecast and general climate information

Weather today
Sunny 26°
  • Min temp24°C
Sunny 27°
  • 25°C
Sunny 27°
  • 26°C
Partly Cloudy 28°
  • 27°C
Sunny 30°
  • 28°C
Sunny 30°
  • 28°C

Climate information

The months between October and March are comfortable, with temperatures around 32°C (90°F) before the humidity arrives in May. Highs of 50°C (122°F) in July and August make air conditioning essential, and temperatures do not tend to dip below 30°C (86°F) even in the 'lows' of December and January. Locals avoid the heat by doing much of their socialising after dark. Rain is rare, but when it comes it is torrential, often resulting in flash flooding.

Average Temperature in Muscat
Average Rainfall in Muscat
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