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Weather in Beijing

Five-day forecast and general climate information

Weather today
Partly Cloudy 18°
  • Min temp2°C
Mostly Sunny 13°
  • 1°C
Partly Cloudy 12°
  • 2°C
Partly Cloudy 12°
  • 2°C
Partly Cloudy 13°
  • 1°C
Sunny 15°
  • 5°C

Climate information

The best times to visit Beijing are spring and autumn. In April and May the weather warms up nicely (12-28ºC/52-84ºF) before the humid summer months arrive. When temperatures rise above 30ºC (88ºF), locals escape to the beach resorts at Beidaihe, 280km east of Beijing. In September and October, the days are warm and the evenings cool (10-25ºC/48F-78ºF) before the long winter sets in (Nov-Mar). Skating on the frozen Lake Houhai is popular in the depths of winter. It's unlikely that it'll get much above freezing from December to February, when the air gets so dry it crackles with static. July and August are the wettest months.

Average Temperature in Beijing
Average Rainfall in Beijing
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