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Weather in Aruba

Five-day forecast and general climate information

Weather today
Partly Cloudy 32°
  • Min temp26°C
Partly Cloudy 31°
  • 26°C
Windy 31°
  • 26°C
Showers 31°
  • 27°C
Showers 31°
  • 27°C
Showers 32°
  • 26°C

Climate information

Low humidity characterises the semi-arid Aruban climate. North-easterly trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean fan the island year-round to around 27°C (82°F) with wetter weather in November, December and January ripening the chimaruco (West Indian cherry) and druif (sea grape). June sees the kibrahacha tree burst into yellow bloom. Aruba is outside of the hurricane zone.

Average Temperature in Aruba
Average Rainfall in Aruba
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