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Weather in Chengdu

Five-day forecast and general climate information

Weather today
Cloudy 24°
  • Min temp14°C
Partly Cloudy 27°
  • 14°C
Mostly Cloudy 26°
  • 16°C
Showers 23°
  • 15°C
Showers 24°
  • 16°C
Partly Cloudy 24°
  • 16°C

Climate information

Chengdu is renowned for having a pleasant climate, with warm, fresh springs and autumns (20°C/68°F – 26°C/79°F). Winters are relatively mild, with temperatures very rarely dipping below freezing. Pack a raincoat for July and August, but don't worry about the humidity found in other parts of China.

Average Temperature in Chengdu
Average Rainfall in Chengdu
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