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Weather in Venice

Five-day forecast and general climate information

Weather today
Partly Cloudy
  • Min temp2°C
Showers 11°
  • 5°C
Showers 12°
  • 7°C
Showers 13°
  • 8°C
Showers 13°
  • 6°C
Showers 11°
  • 7°C

Climate information

A good time to visit can be January and February, when temperatures are around 0-7°C/32-45°F. Tourists are comparatively scarce, and although it's chilly, you can experience marvellous blue skies. Spring is warmer but busier. High summer (Jul-Aug) can be stifling with heat, humidity and average daytime highs above 30ºC/86°F. Rain can strike in spring and is near guaranteed in November.

Average Temperature in Venice
Average Rainfall in Venice
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