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Transportation in Los Angeles


Safe, clean and punctual, the L.A. metro is one of the city's best-kept secrets. Take it from major attractions such as Universal Studios and Hollywood.


Taxis are available, but not cheap because of the long distances involved for most journeys.


Most people don't walk, because of the jay-walking regulations – which is a shame. Strolling along the ocean front and in downtown is a great way to discover the city.



Everybody drives here – but, if you're under 25, it can be difficult to rent a car.


Although most locals will say that you need a car, it's not strictly true. Around 3,000 garish orange MTA buses on the city's freeways offer the main form of public transport in L.A., but very few tourists use them.

Rent your car

Car travel is the best way to get around Los Angeles, with freeways linking downtown to the Pacific coast and Orange County. Peak-time traffic can be unbearable, but can be avoided by navigating the grid of smaller local roads. Parking costs $0.25-$6 per hour, but hotels are best for overnight parking.

Rent your car

Transportation tips

Five-lane highway driving takes some getting used to. However, once you get a feel for the overtaking etiquette (there isn't any!), it gets much easier. Purchasing one of those plastic-covered fold-out maps of L.A. is a smart investment.

L.A. Metro Transport website

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