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Weather in Dubai

Five-day forecast and general climate information

Weather today
Sunny 26°
  • Min temp19°C
Mostly Sunny 30°
  • 19°C
Mostly Sunny 32°
  • 22°C
Partly Cloudy 33°
  • 23°C
Sunny 32°
  • 23°C
Sunny 32°
  • 23°C

Climate information

Rain is scarce for most of the year. During the summer – June to August - daytime temperatures reach as high as 30°C-40°C/86°F-104°F with high humidity. Winter ranges between highs of 20°C-25°C/68°F-77°F. Breezes off the sea cool the city at night and air-conditioning goes without saying.

Average Temperature in Dubai
Average Rainfall in Dubai
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