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The best beaches in Dubai

With its countless shopping malls, amusement parks and colourful souks, Dubai has plenty of activities on offer. For those looking for a more restful holiday, Dubai also features many beaches where you can quickly forget the hustle and bustle of city life. Join us on a tour of the best.

1. Jumeirah Beach

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Less than 30 minutes driving from the city’s crowded centre, Dubai’s largest, most famous and most popular beach is located right beside the stylish Hilton Beach Club. Jumeirah Beach runs alongside Jumeirah Beach Road and offers seaside visitors a phenomenal view of Burj Al Arab, the only seven-star hotel in the world. The pearly-white sands of Jumeirah beach also feature parasols, sunbeds and bath towels for rent. Moreover, it is ideal for children as the sea is very shallow for some way in. Another great feature is the 12-hectare park developed beside the beach where the locals love to spend their free time. There is plenty to do in the park as well: from children’s activities to barbecue spots and a small amphitheatre for live concerts.

2. Al-Mamzar Beach Park

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Beachgoers looking to make a statement by avoiding Jumeirah Beach often head towards Al-Mamzar Beach Park. This area comprises a total of four lavish artificial beaches with distinct swimming zones, lawns, summer cottages, picnic areas, two pools and various restaurants. The winding paths are perfect for a bike ride or romantic walk, but there is also a small train that crosses through the 90-hectare Al-Mamzar Beach Park. The two swimming pools are permanently manned by lifeguards to keep an eye on the bathers, and on Wednesdays the pools welcome women and children only.

3. Jebel Ali Beach

The 10-kilometre Jebel Ali Beach is located on a beautiful stretch of sand. It is the quietest beach in Dubai and very popular among kitesurfers who want to escape the crowds at Jumeirah and Kite Beach. It is also frequented by campers who prefer the quiet bay above the hotels in the city centre. There are showers and shelters for shade every few hundred metres. With protection from the palm trees Jebel Ali Beach is the perfect location for relaxation, a game of football, watersports or flying a kite. An added benefit is the great view from the beach of the Burj Al Arab hotel, and its proximity to one of the most attractive shopping areas.

Note: Although all of Dubai’s beaches are attractive, it is important to take care with the sun. Dubai has a hot and dry desert climate with temperatures that can easily reach 40 degrees Celsius so it is wise to rent a parasol for protection.

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