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US Capitol Building, USA

Discover the country of boundless opportunities

Looking for a holiday in a country where dreams come true? Book flights to the United States and visit the White House in Washington or try your luck at the casinos in Las Vegas. The metropolis of New York is a must-visit destination. Grab a coffee and stroll through Central Park or take a boat tour to the world-famous Statue of Liberty. Buy a ticket to watch a New York Yankees baseball game. Don a baseball cap and sit back with some popcorn!

Country and western

Impressive mountains and dry deserts. The natural scenery in the interior of the United States is absolutely breathtaking. Strap on a pair of skis in the Rocky Mountains or board a helicopter for a panoramic flight over the rugged Grand Canyon. Feel the warmth of the hot springs in Yellowstone National Park. With luck you may even spot a wild grizzly bear! Did you always want to learn how to line dance? Then take a lesson with the cowboys in Nashville and try your moves to the country music of Johnny Cash. Howdy partner! Expect to be surprised: book a flight to the United States now!

Relax on the coast

Sun-drenched California is a popular destination. Stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and enjoy the laidback vibe of this ‘City by the Bay’. A sharp contrast with the metropolis of Los Angeles where glamour rules. Stroll along the famous Walk of Fame or shop until you drop on elegant Rodeo Drive. A popular East Coast destination is Florida, also known as the Sunshine State. Put on a pair of rollerblades and explore the popular South Beach district of Miami or drive across the Florida Keys to Key West, an island with an easy-going hippie vibe. Travelling with the whole family? Then you have a great excuse to visit Disneyworld and Universal Studios in Orlando. This is an amusement park paradise!

Book flights to the United States for a varied holiday

Looking for a cheap flight to the United States? With KLM, your holiday begins the moment you step onboard. Your journey will fly by with your own entertainment set on intercontinental flights: free films, games and music. Enjoy our selection of snacks or a tasty dinner and drinks. Add in our many handy extra services (some available for a supplement) and you’ll be in the United States before you know it.

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The highlights of USA


USA: all destinations

Maui EGP 5760
Fargo EGP 6260
Rochester, NY EGP 5900
Wilmington EGP 6800
Syracuse EGP 5900
Roanoke EGP 5900
Fresno EGP 5960
Fayetteville, NC EGP 6760
Ketchikan EGP 10060
Indianapolis EGP 6260
Reno EGP 5860
Chisholm EGP 7960
Spokane EGP 5900
Panama City EGP 7880
Peoria EGP 6260
Juneau EGP 9740
Hartford/Springfield EGP 5900
Cincinnati EGP 5260
Grand Forks EGP 7320
Phoenix EGP 5660
Pittsburgh EGP 5260
International Falls EGP 6980
Buffalo EGP 5900
Atlanta EGP 6520
Burbank EGP 5660
Baton Rouge EGP 6220
Burlington EGP 5900
Philadelphia EGP 5260
Austin EGP 6500
Oklahoma City EGP 6500
Helena EGP 7240
Knoxville EGP 6760
Appleton EGP 6260
Scranton EGP 5900
Baltimore EGP 5300
Washington EGP 5260
Asheville EGP 6800
Myrtle Beach EGP 6800
Yakima EGP 5900
St Louis EGP 6260
Wausau EGP 6260
Key West EGP 6860
Bozeman EGP 6700
Newburgh EGP 5900
Lewiston EGP 7260
Pellston EGP 7320
Traverse City EGP 6260
Medford EGP 5900
Daytona Beach EGP 7120
Dayton EGP 5860
Harrisburg EGP 5900
Montgomery EGP 7120
Kalamazoo EGP 6220
Richmond EGP 5900
Memphis EGP 6760
Las Vegas EGP 5660
Lansing EGP 6560
Akron EGP 5860
Los Angeles EGP 5620
Saginaw EGP 6560
Columbus, MS EGP 7880
Columbia, SC EGP 6800
Wenatchee EGP 6220
Denver EGP 6460
West Palm Beach EGP 6520
Rapid City EGP 6260
Jacksonville, NC EGP 7360
Oakland EGP 5900
Jacksonville, FL EGP 6520
Raleigh/Durham EGP 5260
Portland, OR EGP 5820
Lexington EGP 6760
Wichita EGP 6500
Fort Smith EGP 6500
Tallahassee EGP 6800
Jackson EGP 6800
Valdosta EGP 8080
Mobile EGP 7120
Minot EGP 7320
Chattanooga EGP 6800
Sacramento EGP 5900
Lafayette EGP 6260
Portland, ME EGP 5900
Sioux Falls EGP 6260
Shreveport EGP 6560
Elmira EGP 5900
El Paso EGP 6500
Duluth EGP 6760
South Bend EGP 6260
Little Rock EGP 6460
San Diego EGP 5660
San Jose EGP 5900
San Antonio EGP 6500
Savannah EGP 6760
Albuquerque EGP 6660
Moline EGP 6260
State College EGP 5900
Albany, GA EGP 7420
Melbourne EGP 7880
Allentown EGP 5900
Monroe EGP 6560
Louisville EGP 6760
Kansas City EGP 6260
Milwaukee EGP 6260
Alexandria EGP 6520
Dallas EGP 5720
Valparaiso/Ft Walton EGP 7120
Cleveland EGP 6260
Binghamton EGP 5900
Bangor EGP 5860
Seattle EGP 5620
Fort Wayne EGP 6260
Miami EGP 6500
San Francisco EGP 5620
Fayetteville, AR EGP 6500
Cedar Rapids EGP 6260
Dothan EGP 7680
Chicago EGP 5920
Augusta EGP 7420
Charlottesville EGP 5900
Birmingham EGP 6800
Charleston, SC EGP 6800
Springfield EGP 6220
Bismarck EGP 6820
Billings EGP 6700
Huntsville EGP 6800
Des Moines EGP 6260
Ontario EGP 5660
Pensacola EGP 6760
New Bern EGP 6800
Evansville EGP 6560
Lincoln EGP 6500
Colorado Springs EGP 6700
Tulsa EGP 6500
Tucson EGP 5900
Gainesville EGP 7060
Bellingham EGP 6520
Charlotte EGP 5220
Eugene EGP 5900
Fort Myers EGP 6560
Tri-Cities EGP 7120
Columbus, OH EGP 5900
Albany, NY EGP 5900
Bloomington EGP 6780
Sarasota EGP 7380
Detroit EGP 6160
Brunswick EGP 7880
Sault Ste Marie EGP 7320
New York EGP 4920
Nashville EGP 6760
Fort Lauderdale EGP 6560
Omaha EGP 6500
New Orleans EGP 6300
Escanaba EGP 8200
Houston EGP 6020
Salt Lake City EGP 6660
Charleston, WV EGP 5900
Tampa EGP 6500
Great Falls EGP 6960
Columbus, GA EGP 7420
Orlando EGP 6500
Ithaca EGP 5900
Greenville, SC EGP 6800
Greensboro EGP 6800
Boise EGP 6660
Norfolk EGP 5900
Minneapolis EGP 6220
Anchorage EGP 8200
Missoula EGP 6700
Madison EGP 6220
Walla Walla EGP 5860
Honolulu EGP 5720
Boston EGP 5260
Grand Rapids EGP 6500
Pasco EGP 6220
Flint EGP 6220
Palm Springs EGP 5900
La Crosse EGP 6260
Rochester, MN EGP 6260
Green Bay EGP 6260
Orange County EGP 5660
Marquette EGP 6520
White Plains EGP 5900
Pullman EGP 5900
Erie EGP 5860
Providence EGP 5900
Gulfport EGP 6800