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Rome, a historical capital like no other

The iconic Colosseum at night, Rome


  • Romance at the Trevi Fountain
  • The iconic Coliseum
  • The wonders of Vatican City

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Picture: The iconic Colosseum at night, Rome


  • Romance at the Trevi Fountain
  • The iconic Coliseum
  • The wonders of Vatican City

The eternal city: A feast for all the senses

Taste the atmosphere of Italy’s biggest city. Book flights to Rome and discover incredible architecture from the Roman era. Walk into the Pantheon for free or book a guided tour of the Forum Romanum. This was once the bustling centre of the old city. And while you’re at it, make sure you enjoy the mouth-watering treats from the Italian kitchen. From ice cream to wine and pasta, everything here tastes amazing.

The fascinating ambiance of times gone by

Rome is full of old buildings – it’s like taking a trip back in time. The Colosseum, for instance, is the largest amphitheatre ever built in the Roman Empire. The Vatican also contains many lovely old buildings. They say that St Peter’s Basilica is the most beautiful church in the world – have a look and decide for yourself. This mini-state holds astonishing art by the masters, like Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. Rome is the ideal destination for a city trip and the perfect starting point for a longer holiday in Italy: Book a flight to Rome now!

Rome leaves you hungry for more

Life revolves around food in Italy and that certainly holds true in Rome too. Enjoy the double cooling effect of a gelato at the Trevi Fountain. Or find a nice restaurant near the Spanish Steps, one of the most romantic places in the world. Fancy something fresh? Then Rome is the place to be. Go to the Piazza San Cosimato market, for delicious fruits, vegetables and other produce.

Flights to Rome for a unique city trip

Find a cheap ticket to Rome? With KLM, your holiday begins the moment you step onboard. Your journey will fly by with your own entertainment set on intercontinental flights: Free films, games and music. Enjoy our selection of snacks or a tasty dinner and drinks. Add in our many handy extra services (some available for a supplement) and you’ll be in Italy before you know it.

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Famous around the world: The Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain header image

Famous around the world: The Trevi Fountain

In 1730 Pope Clement XII organised a competition for architects to design a fountain and set no specific rules or conditions. Nicola Salvi’s winning design showed the ocean and its divine ruler Neptune. Construction started in 1732, but Salvi never managed to complete it before…

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