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Giant panda, Chengdu

Best of Chengdu

From great restaurants to famous sites and unique activities: here's what not to miss in Chengdu.



    53 reviews

    Shu JiuXiang Hotpot Restaurant (SM)

    8 reviews

    LongChaoShou (Chun Xi Road)

    51 reviews

    Shu JiuXiang Hotpot Restaurant (YuLin)

    23 reviews

    XiaoTan DouHua (Xi Main Street)

    19 reviews

    Chen Mapo tofu (Luomashi)

    105 reviews

    Xiang Gong

    20 reviews

    Chengdu Huangcheng Laoma (Huangcheng)

    27 reviews

    Lao ShuChong CanBa

    104 reviews

    FuQiFeiPian (HongZhaoBi)

    10 reviews

    Zaozishu Vegetarian Restaurant

    45 reviews

    ChengDu Xiao Jing Si Fang Cai

    56 reviews

    Tour Guide Jay-Day Tour

    56 reviews

    China Discovery-Day Tour

    119 reviews

    Haba's Sichuan Travel Guide-Day Tour

    89 reviews

    Mount Qingcheng

    713 reviews

    China Odyssey Tour-Chengdu Private One-day Tour

    62 reviews

    Starbucks (Jinli)

    41 reviews

    Longchaoshou Canting

    51 reviews

    Mike's Pizza Kitchen

    148 reviews


    44 reviews

    Nuhi's Original Deli

    47 reviews

    Shu Nine Incense Pot Restaurant (Yulin)

    23 reviews

    Shang Palace

    20 reviews

    Lazy Pug

    62 reviews

    Shu Nine Incense Pot Restaurant (Sm)

    8 reviews

    Xiaohui Douhua

    17 reviews

    Vegetarian Lifestyle

    45 reviews

    Din Tai Fung

    27 reviews

    Chenmapo beancurd

    74 reviews

    Huang Chen Lao Ma

    26 reviews

    Husband And Wife Lung Slice (Red Shine)

    10 reviews

    The Spot

    30 reviews

    Chenmapo DouFu (Luomashi)

    101 reviews

    JinYue By Christophe Dufosse French restaurant

    5 reviews

    The Bookworm

    102 reviews

    Xiaojing Sifangcai

    53 reviews

    China Discovery-Chengdu Private One-day Tour

    85 reviews

    Sichuan Private Day Tour Guide Haba

    77 reviews

    Sichuan University

    58 reviews

    Wenshu Yuan Monastery

    412 reviews

    Shu Feng Ya Yun Sichuan Opera

    105 reviews

    China Odyssey Tour-Chengdu One-day Tour

    21 reviews

    Du Fu Cottage

    468 reviews

    Dujiangyan Irrigation System

    549 reviews

    Absolute Panda

    16 reviews

    Giant Panda Breeding Research Base (Xiongmao Jidi)

    2,808 reviews

    Happy Valley of Chengdu

    255 reviews

    Huan Huaxi Park

    67 reviews

    Jinsha Site Museum

    242 reviews

    Kuanzhai Ancient Street of Qing Dynasty

    576 reviews

    Local Sichuan Private One-day Tour Guide jay

    51 reviews

    Jinli Pedestrian Street

    1,313 reviews

    Mount Qincheng

    641 reviews

    Panda Tour-Chengdu Travel Guide Jay

    10 reviews

    Real China travel-One day private tour

    8 reviews

    Chengdu Renmin Park

    303 reviews