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The best beer bars in Prague

Some say it is the best Czech invention ever: Pilsner! Prague has countless bars located in historical cellars and buildings as well as large beer halls and modern cafés. The traditionally brewed beer is cheaper than water in many pubs, and in Europe’s beer capital not a day goes by without a brew. Below is an overview of the five best beer bars in Prague. Na zdravi (cheers)!

1. Double Trouble

This huge cellar bar and club is located between Wenceslas Square and the Old City Square. Although the name suggests otherwise, Double Trouble is the most popular Gothic cellar pub in the city. The building was meticulously restored and is frequented by a wide variety of people; from local residents and groups of bachelors to passers-by and businessmen. This is the perfect place in Prague for an unforgettable evening.

Address: Melantrichova 17

2. U Vejvodu

beer on prague map

Inside the four walls of U Vejvodu you’ll find an historic pub, a beer hall and a restaurant. Accompanied by hearty Czech pub food, U Vejvodu serves one of the freshest Urquell beers in the city. This pub also welcomes people from all walks of life who come together to have fun. If you’re lucky, live accordion music will be being played to add to the ambiance.

Address: Jilska 4

3. U Sedmi Svabu

This medieval tavern is known for its superb hospitality. U Sedmi Svabu has a cosy fireplace and is decorated with a variety of armour and cast-iron objects. Sit down, relax and let the waitresses serve you with huge trays of cold beer and fabulous food.

Address: Jansky Vrsek 14

4. U Medvidku

U Medvidku is a traditional Czech beer hall. It is located on a site that has been brewing beer since 1466, while the beer hall itself was added five hundred years later. Welcoming up to several hundred guests at a time and featuring several bars, guests come here for the down-to-earth atmosphere, where all that matters is low-priced beer and having a good time.

Address: Na Perstyne 7

5. U Fleku’s

U Fleku beer cafe

Another unique location is U Fleku, where you can visit eight beer halls as well as a micro-brewery. Guests sit at long wooden tables and are entertained by wandering accordion players. In the summer there is also a beer garden similar to the German model. U Fleku is sure to offer you a memorable experience.

Address: Kremencova 11

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