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Het rode land van Dongchuan, Kunming

Praktische info over Kunming

Vervoer in de stad

Most people use buses and taxis to get around Kunming, while inter-city travel is usually done in trains. There are two primary train stations: the Kunming Railway Station, which is most useful for travel to other parts of China; and the Kunming North Station, which is useful for travelling to Vietnam. Long distance buses can also be used for travel between cities, with the South Bus Station providing access to most regional destinations. For local transport, the partially completed Kunming Metro has several operational lines in the city, with construction set to be complete in 2018. Kunming was also the first Chinese city to use bus rapid transit (BRT) and has more than 60 operational stops in addition to an extensive regular bus network. Commuters can choose between regular buses and slightly more expensive buses providing a higher level of comfort. Taxis are widely available except for peak traffic times, but travellers should have their destination written down in Chinese as very few drivers will speak English. Travellers also have the option of hiring a bicycle from a hostel or hotel in the city.


GMT +8


Netspanning is 220 volt, 50Hz. Er zijn diverse soorten stekkers in omloop maar de meest gebruikelijke zijn de stekkers met twee platte pinnen of de ronde stekkers met drie platte pinnen. Meestal is een adapter nodig.


Alarmnummers: 110 (politie); 120 (ambulance - Beijing)

Visa en gezondheidsinformatie

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2014 2015
Nieuwjaarsdag 1 jan 1 jan - 3 jan
Lentefeest 31 jan - 6 feb 19 feb - 25 feb
Qing Ming (Gravenfeest) 5 apr - 7 apr 4 apr - 6 apr
Drakenbootfestival 31 mei - 2 jun 20 jun - 29 jun
Midherfstfeest 6 sept - 8 sep 26 sept - 28 sept
Stichting van de Volksrepubliek China 1 okt - 3 okt 1 okt - 3 okt
Meifeest 1 mei - 3 mei 1 mei - 3 mei



With its dry winters and warm summers, Kunming has a mild temperate climate with conditions that are moderate by Chinese standards. This is in part due to its position on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau at 6,200 feet (1,890m) above sea level. The warmest part of the year lasts from early April to the middle of September with high temperatures that tend to remain between 68°F (20°C) and 77°F (25°). Light to moderate rains and thunderstorms are frequent during this period, with the weather likely to be at its most extreme in July. Summer can also have humidity levels of over 90 percent but this is offset by a generally low dew point. The cold season lasts between the end of November and early February. Winter temperatures tend to range between 39° F (4°C) and 63°F (17°C) with occasional showers and little chance of snow. Even though conditions are suitable for travel for most of the year, the period between March and October is popular with both locals and tourists.

Kunming Changshui International Airport‎

Vervoer naar de stad

Travellers can take the subway, airport shuttle buses or taxis to travel between the airport and the city centre.


Taxis is available at the airport.


Airport facilities include shops, restaurants, snack bars, coffee shops, banks, post office, first aid room, lounge and children's play area.


There are two parking lots: one inside and the other outside. There is 15 minutes of free parking available.