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Phoenix Island Harbor, Sanya

Praktische info over Sanya

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Taxis are a convenient way of getting around the city, although few drivers will speak English. Travellers are advised to have their destination written or printed out in Chinese - hotel staff are often helpful in this regard. Several kinds of motorcycle taxis are also available for more adventurous commuters. Local buses are useful for travel to attractions such as the Nansham Tourism Zone and the End of the Earth. Long-distance buses regularly travel between Sanya and the other cities on Hainan Island. Travel to the mainland can be done by trains that travel to Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing on a daily basis.




Netspanning is 220 volt, 50Hz. Er zijn diverse soorten stekkers in omloop maar de meest gebruikelijke zijn de stekkers met twee platte pinnen of de ronde stekkers met drie platte pinnen. Meestal is een adapter nodig.


Alarmnummers: 110 (politie); 120 (ambulance - Beijing)

Visa en gezondheidsinformatie

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2014 2015
Nieuwjaarsdag 1 jan 1 jan - 3 jan
Lentefeest 31 jan - 6 feb 19 feb - 25 feb
Qing Ming (Gravenfeest) 5 apr - 7 apr 4 apr - 6 apr
Drakenbootfestival 31 mei - 2 jun 20 jun - 29 jun
Midherfstfeest 6 sept - 8 sep 26 sept - 28 sept
Stichting van de Volksrepubliek China 1 okt - 3 okt 1 okt - 3 okt
Meifeest 1 mei - 3 mei 1 mei - 3 mei



Situated in the south of Hainan Island in Southern China, Sanya has a tropical savannah climate with dry winters and long, hot summers with frequent rain and thunderstorms. The warm season starts at the end of April and ends in late September. High temperatures consistently exceed 86°F (30°C) but tend to stay below 93°F (34°C). The city is most humid around this time, with humidity peaking at 93 percent at the end of summer and beginning of autumn. The probability of rain increases as the warm season progresses. The city is at its wettest in late August and early September with most days around this time experiencing light to moderate showers or thunderstorms. The shorter cold season lasts between mid-December and mid-February. Winter temperatures generally stay below 79°F (26°C) and above 63°F (17°C). Sanya does not receive any snow, and only occasionally receives drizzles or light rains.

Sanya Phoenix International Airport

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Airport buses are available from 10am to 8pm with a bus departing every hour. From 8pm to 2am there is a bus every half an hour. Buses cost CNY15 per person for a single trip.


Car rental companies represented at the airport include China Auto Rental, eHi Car Rental, Anji Car Rental, Hainan Leyou International Travel Agency, HNA Safe Car Rental and Shentong Car Rental.


Taxis to downtown are available from the designated taxi pickup area located outside the domestic terminal on the first floor. A single trip to town costs around CNY40 to CNY60.


Airport facilities include restaurants, shopping, wheelchair facilities, banks, ATMs, currency exchange, a smoking room, baby care room and first aid. The airport also has a VIP lounge and business lounge.


The domestic parking lot provides parking for 527 cars, the international terminal parking lot has 155 parking spaces and the VIP terminal parking lot provides parking for 131 vehicles.


Free wifi access is available at Sanya Phoenix International Airport throughout the Domestic Terminal, International Terminal and VIP Terminal.