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90210: The most exclusive postcode in LA

Beverly Hills is a concept. All of the glamour missing from Hollywood Boulevard is more than compensated for here, in the countless Ferraris, enormous villas and swaying palm trees. It is the place where the rich and famous live and shop, and where Rolex watches are just as commonplace as limousines and chauffeurs.

Contrary to popular belief, Beverly Hills is a city in its own right and not simply a district of Los Angeles. It has its own mayor and police department. The broad streets with countless palm trees exude perfection and glamour. Even the fire hydrants on the street are painted in shining silver. It is no coincidence, then, that a large number of pop and film stars call this place home. The postcode of every house begins with 90210; a fact made famous by the television series Beverly Hills 90210.

Star searching

Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive Los Angeles

While you can easily drive past all of the gigantic villas in your own car, it’s better to take a special tour if you really want to know where the stars live. An enthusiastic guide will inform you behind which hedge Jennifer Aniston lives and which star has the biggest villa. Most operators of these types of tour are located on Hollywood Boulevard around the Walk of Fame, with the best known being LA City Tours and StarLine Tours.

Big spender

Money talks and nowhere is this more evident than in Beverly Hills. The area between Wilshire Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard is known as the Golden Triangle, a district with seven streets full of shops and restaurants. The triangle is completed by Santa Monica Boulevard in the west and Canon Drive in the east. Through the heart of the triangle runs Rodeo Drive, perhaps the world’s best-known shopping street and synonymous with the ultimate in luxury. You need more than cash alone to shop here. Almost every big brand has a branch on this expensive shopping street and some shops open by appointment only. Luckily, you don’t need to take out a second mortgage to sample the atmosphere of this chic neighbourhood. Window shopping can be almost as much fun.

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