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The Castle: The political heart of Denmark

Christiansborg is located on the small island of Slotsholmen in Copenhagen harbour. This was originally the residence of the royal family, which moved to Amalienborg after a fire in 1794. Today, the former palace is home to the Danish Parliament, Supreme Court and Prime Minister's office.

Christiansborg is the only place in the world where the three state powers (executive, legislative and judiciary) are brought together in a single building. Some parts of the palace are still used by the Danish royals for certain events.

Visit to Christiansborg

A tour of Christiansborg leads along the royal rooms and Parliament, the main political stage in Denmark. The guides provide an explanation of the Danish political system. Among the royal halls, the royal reception rooms are the most impressive – and they are open to the public. Banquets, galas and other official meetings are regularly held here. The Knight’s Hall contains a series of tapestries received by Queen Margrethe II for her fiftieth birthday in 1990. The tapestries depict 1,000 years of history and were designed by Danish artist Bjørn Nørgaard.

The Throne Room opens onto the balcony, where many a royal wave has been given over the years. The ceiling of this room is decorated with a painting depicting the legend of the Danish flag – according to the story, the flag is a gift from God and helped Denmark to victory in a battle in Estonia.


The Christiansborg of today is the third iteration of the palace. The second one was built after the 1794 fire. In 1884, there was another fire, which spared a few buildings, including the chapel. The palace wasn’t rebuilt again until 1907, when it was given a grandiose appearance to underline its role as the political heart of the country.
The imposing building and accumulation of the three state powers has given Christiansborg the popular nickname Borgen (the Castle). This is also the title of the internationally acclaimed Danish television series, which largely plays out in the offices at Christiansborg.

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