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Sydney Opera House, Australia’s icon

Like a fleet of sailboats with the wind in their sails; that’s how the Sydney Opera House stands out in the harbour. In 1955 the Australian government held a competition for the design of a new theatre and opera building. The winning design has since become an international icon.

opera house frontside

The creator of the futuristic building was the Danish architect Jørn Utzon (1918-2008). His bold entry caught the judges’ eyes immediately. Utzon was a keen sailor and the huge white roofs symbolise his love for the sport. It’s also a marvellous reference to the location of the building: Sydney’s harbour front.

1600 performances

opera house interior

Musical productions are performed all year round at the Opera House, along with plays, ballets and of course, opera. All together there are 1600 performances a year. The complex consists of no less than six different auditoriums that are each well known for their excellent acoustics. Furthermore, there is a large outdoor arena, the so-called Forecourt, where concerts are also given regularly.


opera house night

An evening at the Opera House does not necessarily have to take in a theatre production or concert. On a balmy summer’s evening in Sydney, the Opera Bar is the perfect place for a snack and a drink. The large terrace offers wonderful views of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, with a background soundtrack of live music.

Behind the sails

opera house from above

During the day various tours of the complex are available. The general tour will give you a glimpse into the history of the Opera House and highlights the groundbreaking architecture. For those with more interest in the magic of the theatre the backstage tour is a must as the curtain is literally lifted and the secrets of the wings are divulged.

Address: Bennelong Point

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