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Star spotting on the Walk of Fame

The Walk of Fame is the best-known and most frequently visited section of the renowned Hollywood Boulevard. The pavements on both sides of this two kilometre-long section of road are distinguished by their famous pink stars with gold borders. Thousands of celebrities are honoured in this way with new names added on a monthly basis.

The Walk of Fame was created in 1958 at the initiation of E.M. Stuart, the vice president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. It was designed as Stuart’s tribute to the glory and glamour associated with the name of Hollywood.

The Walk begins at the junction of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea, and runs all the way through to Gower Street. The pavements on both sides of the street, as well as the Vine side street, are inlaid with stars. If you would like to see all of the stars’ names then be prepared for a walk of some five and a half kilometres!

Missing stars

Walk of fame Los Angeles

Despite its length, there are still some big names missing from the Walk of Fame. Stars of the silver screen are not automatically included. Each year, with the permission of the celebrity in question, nominations can be submitted for inclusion on the Walk of Fame. Of the 300 or so nominations each year an average of 24 are successful. But such an honour does not come cheaply: A sponsor is required to stump up US$ 30,000 for the privilege. Once a celebrity receives a successful nomination, he or she must choose a date for the paving stone laying ceremony within the following five years. Failure to do so results in the nomination being withdrawn. A large number of celebrities have reportedly been the subject of successful nominations over the years, but have yet to choose a date.

Stars up for grabs

Many visitors hope to come across a celebrity in person, of course. Such a ceremony is a convenient moment to do so as the ‘celeb’ must be present at the time their star is laid. Information on the ceremonies is available from the Walk of Fame’s official website, which also includes a list of all the celebrities who have already been honoured with a star. This makes searching for a particular star a little easier.

Five categories

Stars are awarded in five categories: Film, television, music, theatre and radio. Alongside the celebrity’s name, each star contains a symbol indicating its category. In recent years exceptions have been made to these categories, however. Disneyland now has its own category with a symbol of a building, along with the Los Angeles Police Department with an LAPD officer’s badge.   An exception has also been made for the crew of the Apollo XI, who were the first to set foot on the moon. Instead of a star, all four crew members are honoured with their own moon. These can be seen at the junction of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. The astronauts are named under the category of television because they broadcast images from the surface of the moon.

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