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Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Athens

Best of Athens

From great restaurants to famous sites and unique activities: here's what not to miss in Athens.


    PK Travel

    422 reviews

    Spiros Taxi Service - Private Tours

    352 reviews

    Athens By Bike

    241 reviews

    Spiros Taxi Service in Greece

    311 reviews

    Mani Mani

    759 reviews

    43 Sarantatrio

    144 reviews

    Fresko Yogurt Bar

    445 reviews

    Funky Gourmet

    546 reviews

    GB Roof Garden - Hotel Grande Bretagne

    606 reviews


    369 reviews


    253 reviews

    Abovo Restaurant

    115 reviews

    Jimas Ginger

    125 reviews


    818 reviews


    1,128 reviews

    Manh Manh

    439 reviews


    52 reviews

    Eleas Gi

    525 reviews

    Chocolat Royal

    401 reviews

    To Trikyklo

    287 reviews

    Arsenis Taverna Iseris

    435 reviews

    Bush Bar

    35 reviews

    Smile Cafe Restaurant

    1,174 reviews


    131 reviews


    771 reviews

    Private Greece Tours

    1,398 reviews

    PK Travel Private and Public Tours

    365 reviews

    Temple of Hephaestus

    1,392 reviews

    The Acropolis Museum

    10,356 reviews

    Vassilios Athens Day Tours

    305 reviews

    Spiros Taxi Service - Private Day Tours

    291 reviews

    John's Private Taxi Day Tours in Athens

    328 reviews


    247 reviews

    Athens Cooking Day Tours

    105 reviews

    Athens Custom Taxi Day Tours

    88 reviews

    Athens Limo Tours

    252 reviews

    Athens Taxi Tours - Michael Sterianos

    182 reviews

    Athens Tour Greece - Private Day Tours

    196 reviews

    Athens Walks Tour Company - Private Day Tours

    160 reviews

    153 reviews

    George's Taxi - Private Tours

    985 reviews

    Greece Private Day Tours

    119 reviews

    Greek Taxi - Tours

    591 reviews

    Alternative Athens Private Day Tours

    236 reviews