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Wild Online Wednesday

1 destination, 1 fare, 1 day a week


The WOW! It is your weekly rendezvous with a dream destination at a fare never seen before

Every Wednesday you will find a destination at an incredible fare exclusively on Each week the destination will be a surprise revealed in the early hours of the morning.... a discount around 40% on the lowest available fare (excluding promotions) for the concerned destination.

Of course at this fare the seats are limited and the selling period is restricted to Wednesday only. Before planning your next holiday, wait for Wednesday to discover whether you would not get an unbeatable bargain!


Our WOW destination this week:


Bangkok in Economy  ………  549 €

Bangkok in Business  ………  1859 €

Wooow! What amazing fares!

Discover Bangkok in video

Don’t wait and buy your ticket!

Only bookable on October 22nd, 2014. Travel from 01.11.2014 until 24.06.2015 except from 15.12.2014 to 15.01.2015. 
These rates are not available on all flights (availability depends on passenger load factor of each flight).

Fares are return, all in, from Vienna, include all taxes but no Ticket-Service-Charge. The amount from the Ticket-Service-Charge depends on where you purchase your ticket. On this charge is only 5 EUR per passenger.


Fascinating capital that lives day and night


Do you love shopping, luxury hotels and a dynamic nightlife? Book flights to Bangkok and explore ancient temples, wander through traditional markets or sip a coconut drink in one of the many bars. Visit the Royal Palace and try a Thai curry at the Suan Lim night market. Or instantly forget the hectic pace of the city with a refreshing Thai massage in one of the many spas. In Bangkok, life can be just as relaxing as it is exciting.

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