Incentive scheme

1 Blue Credit = 1 EUR (Blue Credits are related to a one-way flight) Blue Credit earning scheme is valid as of 1 April 2015

European flights from Sofia- Flights within the US*

Booking classesAIR FRANCEKLMAlitaliaDelta *(for flights within the US)Direct Flights **Connecting flights ***
Business ClassJ, CJ, CC, D, EJ, C, D3540
D, ZD, ZII, Z2530
Economy FlexY, B, MY, B, MY, B, MW2024
Economy classU, KU, KH, K, VY, B, M810

H, L

H, LT, N, S, QS, H, Q, K34
T, Q, EW, S, A, T, Q, EW, XL, U, T, X, V22
N, R, V, G, XN, R, V, G, XL, O, G, R-12


* do not apply for flights with international connection
** Direct Flight e.g. Sofia - Paris
***Connecting flights e.g. Sofia - Madrid via Rome


Booking classAIR FRANCEKLMAlitaliaDeltaBlue Credits
La PremièreP, F--F, P, A175
Business ClassJ, C, DJ, C, DJ, EJ, C, D100
I, ZI, ZD, II, Z60
Premium EconomyS, A, W-P, AW40
Economy Class
Y, B, M
Y, B, MY, B, MY, B, M25
U, K, H, LU, K, H, LH, K, V, TS, H, Q, K   12
Q, T, N, R, VQ, T, N, R, VN, S, XL, U, T, X, V 5
G-L, O-

** Intercontinental Flights = flights from Europe to the World (North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Central America and Oceania)

Blue Credits will be credited on the BlueBiz account 4 to 8 weeks after the flight took place.

Examples on Blue Credit earnings

 1. Sofia - Edinburgh via Paris on Economy Flex class (Y, B or M classes):

Sofia - Paris - Edinburgh 24

Edinburg - Paris - Sofia 24

Total journey: 48 Blue Credits, which is equivalent of 48 EUR

 2. Sofia- New York via Paris on Business Class (J, C or D classes):

Sofia - Paris - New York 100

New York - Paris - Sofia 100

Total journey: 200 Blue Credits, which is equivalent of 200 EUR

Airline companies

- For tickets issued by KLM (ticket number starting with 074), you can earn
Blue Credits on AIR FRANCE, KLM, Kenya Airways and Delta Airlines flight numbers for flights operated by AIR FRANCE, KLM and the following partners*:
Alaska Airlines, China Southern, Czech Airlines, Alitalia, Delta Airlines, GOL, Kenya Airways.

- For tickets issued on AIR FRANCE (ticket number starting with 057), you can
earn Blue Credits on AIR FRANCE, KLM, Delta Airlines and Kenya Airways flight numbers for flights operated by AIR FRANCE, KLM and following partners*:
Aeroflot, Aero Mexico, Air Europa, Alaska Airlines, Air Corsica, Czech Airlines, Delta Airlines, GOL, Kenya Airways, Luxair, Qantas, VLM.

- For tickets issued on Alitalia (ticket number starting with 055), you can earn Blue Credits on AIR FRANCE, KLM, Alitalia, Delta Air Lines and Kenya Airways flight numbers for flights operated by operated by Alitalia, Air France, KLM, Delta Air Lines and airlines partners*: Aeroflot, Air Mexico, Air Alps, Air Baltic, Air Corsica, Air Europa, Air Italy, Air One, Baboo, Bulgarian, Cyprus Airways, Carpatair, China airlines, China Eastern, Czech Airlines, Ethiad, JAT, Jet Airways, Kenya Airways, Korean, Kuwait Airways, Luxair, Malaysian, TAP, Tarom, Ukraine International, Vietnam Airline.  

- For tickets issued by Delta Air Lines (ticket number starting with 006), you can earn Blue Credits on Air France, KLM and Delta Air Lines flight numbers for flights operated by Delta Air Lines, Air France, KLM, Alitalia, and airlines partners*: Aeroflot, Aero Mexico, Alaska Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, China Airlines, China Southern, Korean, Czech Airline, Pinnacle Airline, ASA, American Eagle, Comair, GOL, Skywest Airlines, Chatauqua Airlines, Shuttle America.

*List of airline partners is non contractual and liable to modifications