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The number of Blue Credits your company earns depends on the origin, destination and booking class. 1 Blue Credit equals 1 unit of your local currency. Want to know how many Blue Credits your company will earn on a specific flight? Just see the tables below.

Incentive scheme

Earning Blue Credits is very easy. Just mention your company’s BlueBiz number when booking your ticket or ask your travel agent to do so. Your company receives Blue Credits whenever you fly with AIR FRANCE, KLM, Alitalia, Delta Airlines or Kenya Airways, and when you have the ticket is printed on KLM (ticket number starting with 057) or a ticket printed on AIR FRANCE (ticket number starting with 057). You can exchange your Blue Credits for free flights for anyone in your company.

Intercontinental flights (La Première and World Business Class)

**Amsterdam, Paris and all European cities.


 La PremièreBusiness Class

Booking classes on AF

 P, FJ, CD I, Z

Booking classes on KLM

 - J, CDI, Z
Booking classes on AZ -JE D, I

Brasil - Europe**

 450 326 210 170
Brasil - Middle East 500 386 246 220
Brasil - Africa 500 470 292 250

Brasil - Asia

 520 510 326 290

Intercontinental flights (Premium Voyageur and Economy)

**Amsterdam, Paris and all European cities.

Premium VoyageurEconomy

Booking classes on AF

S, A, WY, B, MU,K, H, L

Q, T, N, R, V

Booking classes on KLM

 -Y, B, M U,K, H, L

Q, T, N, R, V

Booking classes on AZP, AY, B, MH, K, VT, N, S, L, O

Brasil - Europe**

 166 146 60 50
Brasil - Middle East 166 146 70 50
Brasil - Africa 250 220 100 60

Brasil - Asia

 290 260 96 70

Intra European flights

***do not apply on segments in connection with Intercontinental flights

Business Class

Premium Voyageur


Booking classes on AF

JCD, ZY, W, S, AB, U, MK, H, J, L, QT, E
Booking classes on KLMJCD, ZY, W, S, AB, U, MK, H, J, L, QT, E
Booking classes on AZ (excl IT)C E,D IY,B,MH,K,VT, N, S, QW, X
Europe - Europe***50363026201610

Amount of Blue Credits above are earned on a return trip. 

Blue Credits will be credited on the BlueBiz account 4 to 8 weeks after the flight took place. 

1 Blue Credit = 1 US$

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