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If your jouney originates in Brazil on a KLM or Air France flight, read below the special regulations applicable for your free baggage alloweance and excess baggage.

Baggage allowance

Your check-in baggage

For tickets whose itinerary originates in Brazil (for both the outbound and inbound journeys),  the Civil Aviation Authority Agency (ANAC) determines that for each adult passenger, the free bagagge allowance consists of 2 pieces* of max. weight of 32kgs (70 lbs) each. The sum of the 3 dimensions of each piece cannot exceed 158 cm (62 in.) and the sum of the dimentions of both pieces cannot exceed 273 cm (107 in.). 

Children (2 to 12 years old) are allowed the same allowance as adult passengers. For babies (younger than 2 years), baggage allowance is limited to one piece not exceeding 10kg, and the sum of its dimensions not exceeeding 115 cm (45 in.). 


Excess baggage fares

Brazil adopts the piece concept (PC) for baggage policy. Excess bagagge fares are charged  per piece and destination,  according table below:


Excess bagagge amounts per extra piece over the allowance for journeys originating in Brazil
Departing Brazil to:Amount in outbound stretch
Asia 1 (Japan/Korea)US$175
Asia 2 (China, Hong Kong, Macau, Philipines, Taiwan)US$195
Asia 3 (Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodja, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malasya, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam)US$204
Middle EastUS$150
Africa (except South Africa)US$150
South AfricaUS$50
Oceania (New Zeland, Nadi, Noumea, French Polinesia and Australia)US175
Important: If the sum of the dimensions of a piece exceeds 203 cm (80 in.) or its weight exceeds 32kg (70 lbs.) it will be charged 3 times the amounts above.



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