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New: view baggage per KLM flight

11 April 2014 | How much baggage can I bring on a KLM flight? This question is now easily answered. On KLM.com, enter a departure and arrival location, plus travel class – and voila!

Check your free baggage


Baggage rules complicated? Not on KLM.com. For your next trip you can now check how many suitcases you will be able to bring. Moreover, we’ll show you the maximum size and weight, plus hand baggage details. For any trip you might be considering!

On KLM.com, go to the ‘Baggage’ section under ‘Prepare for travel’ and enter departure and arrival locations, travel class – and optionally, your frequent flyer membership level and whether you are travelling with a baby.

Besides a clear breakdown of your allowance, we’ll show you the price for checking in an extra suitcase – including the discount you get on KLM.com.


From suitcase to ski gear

Even if you are considering taking your sports equipment, pet or other special items, simply ask and KLM.com delivers the exact details, rules and prices.

Check it your yourself

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