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Exotic and tropical

Punta Cana from 5,689 ,-Find deals
Reunion from 6,419 ,-Find deals
Book by 13 October. Punta Cana: Travel 2 October - 15 December 2015. St. Denis La Reunion: Travel 2 October - 4 December 2015.

Best price for Europe

Amsterdam from 739 ,-Find deals
Barcelona from 1,189 ,-Find deals
Bordeaux from 2785 ,-Find deals
Florence from 1,419 ,-Find deals
Madrid from 1,119 ,-Find deals
Nice from 1,159 ,-Find deals
Paris from 709 ,-Find deals
Rome from 1,189 ,-Find deals
Venice from 1,189 ,-Find deals
Zurich from 1,109 ,-Find deals

Special offers in Business Class

Aruba from 16,609 ,-Find deals
Atlanta from 13,009 ,-Find deals
Bangkok from 14,959 ,-Find deals
Boston from 9,649 ,-Find deals
Buenos Aires from 14,479 ,-Find deals
Denpasar - Bali from 19,049 ,-Find deals
Havana from 14,729 ,-Find deals
Hong Kong from 15,949 ,-Find deals
Advance purchase rules apply.

Top surf destinations

Bordeaux from 1,569 ,-Find deals
Denpasar - Bali from 5,879 ,-Find deals
Lima from 7,639 ,-Find deals
Lisbon from 1,339 ,-Find deals
Los Angeles from 3,119 ,-Find deals
Rio de Janerio from 5,229 ,-Find deals
Take your surf gear along instead of a suitcase - on all direct operating KLM flights.

Special offers in Business Class

Kuala Lumpur from 14,989 ,-Find deals
Lima from 16,669 ,-Find deals
New York from 9,269 ,-Find deals
Rio de Janeiro from 13,559 ,-Find deals
San Francisco from 12,299 ,-Find deals
Singapore from 17,949 ,-Find deals
Tokyo from 19,959 ,-Find deals
Washington from 11,779 ,-Find deals
Advance purchase rules apply.

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