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The Blue Credits your company earns on each flight depend on the destination and booking class.

Incentive scheme







La Première

Business Class

Business Class

Business Class

Economy / Economy Class
Economy ClassEconomy ClassEconomy Class
Booking class AFP/FJ/CDI/ZS/A/WY/B/MU/K/H/LQ/T/N/R
Booking class KLJ/CDI/ZY/B/MU/K/H/LQ/T/N/R
ECUADOR to Europe (includes NL)68026019013010610050


ECUADOR to Asia9523502622101601508060
ECUADOR to Middle East6802802001441201106450
ECUADOR to Africa  908330 2461861461408670
Intra European1007040282016106

1 Blue Credit = 1 dolar
Blue Credits for Round Trip. One way accumulate half of Blue Credits.

Flight number Af, KL, VG, KQ 
Issued only in Ecuador on KLM board (074...)

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