Terms and conditions for EMD vouchers

Here’s all you need to know about the Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD).

EMD Terms and Conditions

1. The following terms shall have the meaning as defined hereunder, unless the context otherwise requires: KLM means KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, having its registered office at Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Delta means Delta Air Lines, having its registered seat at Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Air France means Air France, having its registered seat at Paris, France. An EMD means this Electronic Miscellaneous Document. KLM flight means any flight having a flight number with a KL-prefix. Delta flight means any flight having a flight number with a DL-prefix. Air France flight means any flight having a flight number with an AF-prefix. MCO means Miscellaneous Charges Order.

2. No agent, employee or representative of KLM has the authority to alter, modify or waive any of these terms and conditions.

3. The non-refundable EMD is to be used for payment of a ticket for carriage on KLM, Delta Air Lines or AIR FRANCE flights in the amount as mentioned on the EMD. The maximum value of an EMD is EUR 800.--. If the currency of the EMD is other than the currency in which the price of a ticket is published, the rate of exchange will be the bankers selling rate of KLM’s local bank. If, upon payment of a ticket, a balance amount on the EMD remains, a residual EMD shall be issued for that amount but the terms and conditions pertaining to the EMD shall remain applicable.

4. The refundable EMD is valid for a direct refund of the amount stated on the EMD to your bank account.

5. To all carriage provided by KLM, Delta and Air France, the general conditions of carriage, the tariffs, the tariff regulations and/or the special conditions of carriage, whichever are applicable, of KLM, Delta and Air France, respectively, shall apply.

6. Should this EMD be used for carriage on Delta and/or Air France flights, KLM will only be deemed to have acted as an agent of Delta and/or Air France in issuing this EMD.

7. An EMD is not endorsable. The non-refundable EMD may only be transferred once.

8. Solely the passenger will be responsible for his EMD and KLM is not liable to the passenger/the new owner in the event an EMD has been used by any other person than the passenger or the new owner. Neither KLM nor KLM’s agent is obligated to request a person presenting this EMD to identify himself.

9. An EMD is valid for one year from date of issue. The ticketing of the flight needs to be completed within this year.

10. A customer offered an EMD is at all times at liberty to accept or refuse the EMD. The acceptance of an EMD by the passenger shall be deemed a consent to and acceptance by the passenger of these terms and conditions.