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The Blue Credits your company earns on each flight depend on the destination and booking class. One Blue Credit equals one unit of your local currency or in some countries, the currency in which tickets are sold. Check the schedule below to know how many Blue Credits your company will earn on a specific flight.

Flights within Europe

Booking Class            AIR FRANCE KLM        Blue Credits
Business Class                   J, C, Z                50
Flexible Economy Class               W, S, A, Y, B, M, U                37
Restricted Economy Class                 K, H, Q, L                 7
Economy lowest fares                 T, E, N, R, G, V                 2

Flights between Europe and Asia/Africa/Latin America/Middle East

Booking ClassAIR FRANCE KLM          Blue Credits
La Première/First      P, F                133
Business Class   J, C, D, I, Z                102
Premium Economy/Flexible Economy Class   W, S, A, Y, B, M                 70
Restricted Economy Class   L, U, K, H                 30
Economy lowest fares   Q, T, N, R, V, G                  7

Flights between Europe and North Atlantic

Booking ClassAIR FRANCE KLMDelta Air Lines  Blue Credits
La Première / First    P, F     -        133
Business Class J, C, D, I, Z J, C, D, I, S        102
Premium Economy/Flexible Economy Class W, S, A, Y, B, M W, Y, B, M         70
Restricted Economy Class L, U, K, H S, H, Q, K         30
Economy lowest fares Q, T, N, R, V, G L, U, T, X, V          7

1 Blue Credit = 1€ 
Blue Credits per round trip. Oneway, half the credits.
Blue Credits will be credited to your BlueBiz account 4-8 weeks after your trip.

Earn Blue Credits:

On AIR FRANCE documents with ticket stock 057
• With flight code AF, KL, KQ, AZ
• Operated by Air France, KLM, Alitalia, Delta Air Lines and airlines partners* : Aeroflot, Air Mexico, Air Corsica, Air Europa, Alaska Airlines, China Southern, CSA,GOL, Kenya Airways, Luxair, Qantas,

On KLM documents with ticket stock 074
• With flight code KL, AF, KQ, AZ  
• Operated by KLM, Air France, Alitalia, Delta Air Lines and airlines partners*: Alaska Airlines, Kenya Airways.

 *List of airline partners is non contractual and liable to modifications.

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