Conditions for an upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class

Enjoy being treated like royalty? Get yourself an upgrade from Economy Class to our Business Class. Here's what you need to know.

1. Upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class

1.1 During an online check-in taking place no earlier than 30 hours before departure or at one of the self-service check-in machines at the airport, KLM can offer passengers the option of a paid upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class for part of their trip. From time to time, this option is available at a reduced rate. It is also possible to purchase an upgrade to Business Class for that part of the trip via a travel agent, at the check-in desk at the airport, in our KLM Crown Lounges at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or aboard the aircraft. Mikäli ostat matkustusluokan korotuksen Business Class -luokkaan sen jälkeen, kun olet varannut Economy Comfort -istumapaikan, suosikki-istumapaikan tai istumapaikan, jossa on enemmän jalkatilaa, aiemmin maksamasi hinta vähennetään korotuksen hinnasta.

1.2 Kun olet ostanut korotuksen Business-luokkaan matkasi jollekin osuudelle, sinulla on samat edut kuin muillakin Business-luokan matkustajilla matkasi kyseisellä osuudella. Sallittu matkatavaroiden määrä ja ansaittujen mailien määrä pysyvät samoina kuin alkuperäisessä lipussasi.

1.3 KLM still retains the right, however, to assign a Business Class seat to another passenger should we deem this necessary due to operational, safety or security considerations. The final decision as to whether you will be assigned a Business Class seat is up to the check-in staff and the flight crew for that flight.

2. Preliminary conditions

2.1 If you select a seat next to an emergency exit, legislation and regulations require that you be able to be of assistance during a possible emergency. This means that you must be healthy, able, completely mobile, and not taking any medications that could adversely affect you from performing these functions.

2.2 You must also warrant that all the information you provide during a request for an upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class is correct and that you will not be making a speculative, false or fraudulent reservation. Furthermore, you will be making a reservation only for yourself or for another person on whose behalf you are capable of contracting.

3. Refunds

3.1 If you do not receive a Business Class seat despite the fact that you have an upgrade to Business Class, you are entitled to a refund of the costs associated with an upgrade to Business Class for that part of the journey for which you have purchased this upgrade on the conditions that:

(I) we have cancelled your flight,

(II) we have made a change in the type of aircraft,

(III) you miss your connecting flight with KLM, AIR FRANCE, Delta Air Lines or Kenya Airways,

(IV) we have exercised our right to assign the Business Class seat to someone else based on operational, safety or security considerations.

3.2 To request a refund, you should complete the refund form upgrade to Business Class.

3.3 No refund shall be provided if the criteria listed above are not met.